Potomac Remodeling

Ask today about the following Services for sprucing up your home:

- Gutter cleaning and repair - Stop leaks before they begin.  Let us inspect your gutters and downspouts, and prevent costly roof and trim repairs down the road!


- Power washing - Get rid of green mold and ugly stains on your siding and wood surfaces.

- Rotted wood inspection - Are you seeing signs of wood rot on your exterior trim?  Let us repair small sections of wood rot, before they turn into more costly and involved replacements.


- Electric troubleshooting - Have an outlet that won't work?  Let us find the problem, and get all your systems working for you.

-Bathtub recaulk and regrouting services - Give your bathroom an inexpensive makover!

-Exhaust fan installation - Let us install an exhaust fan to your attic, save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling your home.